We are specialists in the provision of services known as Facility Services.

Through our companies Servicios Complementarios Polivalentes (SCP) and GSI, we provide integral solutions as the single point of contact for our clients, thanks to an important network of partners who are specialists in each area, and from who we demand excellence and absolute professionalism in the provision of the service.

When required, we offer the “Facility Manager” service. We have technical professionals (engineers) who are responsible for ensuring that all the services and maintenance of each installation are carried out with the appropriate diligence and within the agreed timescale. They are a link with the client for whom they provide the service control.

Servicios auxiliares

SCP, Servicios Complementarios Polivalentes

A company of the Group specialising in the management of support services.

The main objective of our Facility Services is to offer complete and efficient management that allows clients to free themselves from these tasks and allows them to focus on their main activity. In addition, we have a team that will evaluate and determine the types of services that are necessary for the proper functioning and organisation of your business.

Our team will offer you a correct and appropriate service, always of the same quality that we demand from our workers, including during tasks involving maintenance, surveillance, reception…

One of our advantages that we have relating to facility services is that our company is able to provide this service for any type of sector, as we have a specialist teams for all the services we offer.

Today, many companies assume high recruitment costs and find it difficult to cover the management of multiple services, whether security or maintenance. The objective of this type of Facility Services is to administer all the general services, and mainly, to provide a reduction of time and costs in management, as well as in maintenance. In other words, we offer outsourced services in a way that is beneficial to the client.