GSI Profesionales de la Seguridad y Sistemas S.A.

Your trusted security company.

In 2006 we start our activity in Spain ofering clients a different alternative, with international experience and the philosophy of quality and excellence, characteristic of the GSI Group.

GSI assumes the commitment of supporting our customers in all their requirements and needs, seeking a joint strategic planning aimed at maximizing the profitability for both.

GSI Group

SEGURIDAD INTEGRAL (GSI) is the number one Group in Mexico in the Private Security branch, with important international presence in Brazil, Central America, Miami, China and Spain, putting its effort in offering comprehensive security services and guaranteeing customers satisfaction with their protection services.

This has allowed GSI to reach a leadership position in the following divisions:

Cash Logistics
Security guard
Custody and Transportation of Goods
Security systems
Armored Products
Aerial Services

Companies of the Group

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